The initial idea of this site was a blog. I lost my patience after some fights with blog text editors when dealing with stuff more complex then plain text, like xml or code snippets, then I decied to use the "wikidot" a host for "wikis" that I'm a fan.

The primary idea of this site is to publish articles related to the daily challenge of a software developer. The initial focus was .Net, but some stuff related to processes, software configuration management (SCM) and other funny situation may appear here.

All the content produced in these pages are of my own, except when explicitly credited to some author (inside the article). If you want to use this content, please, link to these pages. If you want to reproduce any content in some presentation, book, training, please ask for authorization by e-mail first.

Contributions, collaborations, doubts, etc can be sent directly to my e-mail: ericlemes@gmail.com

Have fun! ;-)

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